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Monday, April 10, 2006

Partied Out!

(Bathtime fun)
Eden’s pain in her leg seems better. We didn’t hear much about it over the weekend. Eden and Riley hung out with Dad and Shelly on Sat and everything was very calm. Sunday was Party Day. Everyone showed up at Dad’s around 3 on Sunday to celebrate Riley turning 12. It was wonderful to see Riley getting so much attention and everyone enjoyed the Cake he baked with his own two hands. YUMMMMY! Riley had an opportunity to play his Trumpet for everyone which we really loved! He is such a wonderful little boy. Eden of course got her share of attention as well and it was an all around wonderful afternoon. After that party they were whisked off to another party at Aunt CeCe’s house where Riley requested Spaghetti and pumpkin pie.

Today Eden is off this morning for her Ekg/Echo at Children’s and then off to school. This procedure causes her no discomfort and in fact always makes her giggle as they run the wand over her chest and belly. We are hoping to hear something today as to where we will be going for IMiBG treatments and we do know that Eden is having her Line placed on Friday the 14th and starting Chemo on Monday the 17th. Please keep Eden in your prayers.


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