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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Beat of her Heart

(Cane and Sophie)

Eden had her EKG/ECHO yesterday and the cardiologist (who by the way is the husband of nurse Mary at Eden's School) said everything looked good and that the Squeeze of her heart chambers would be considered "low normal"?? But he didn't see any problem with that.
She was late for school but still made it which is what counts. She is doing wonderful and I overheard her commenting to someone on Sunday that she may lose her hair again with this Chemo but she didn't seem upset about it. I feel very conflicted by her acceptance of all of this. On one hand I am happy that she isn't distraught by all that we told her last week but on the other I hate that its very obvious that this is what she considers normal. NO child should ever have to have an understanding of this life much less think its normal! Everyday I feel so lucky to be a part of her life! After school the kids hung out with Dad and Shelly and Mamu Hope and then we headed home to Mom's to play with Cane and Sophie. Riley had his B-Day night out with CeCe and they went shopping and he had a $$ to spend on gifts for himself and came back with one thing for him and one thing for Eden and one thing for Cane and Sophie. He is such a kind and loving boy. FYI, We have not heard anything yet as to where Eden will go for her MiBG treatment but we should hear soon.


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