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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Getting through the days

Hey everyone,

I thought I should update today because tomorrow is going to be a bit crazy. Friday was a very hard day for everyone with the News of Jaret's passing and of course we had to tell Eden which so so hard to do.. She loved Jaret so much! She was learning American Sign language so she could communicate better with him. When he was not feeling well in the hospital about a month ago, Eden would take him little treats because she knew he wasn't feeling well. It was only about a month ago that we could expect to see him and Codey at clinic and the three would play together. It is days like Friday when I have an overwhelming urge to grab her up and run as far away as I can to protect her from this pain and hide from this monster forever! It is with regret that I say there is no running away. Eden as well as all the other children must stand and fight the beast and we as their loved ones can only stand by and pray that there will soon be a weapon to help them in this fight for their lives! Eden seemed to handle things ok and we talked about how Jaret could now hear and he was perfect in everyway forever now. She wondered if He and Ian (her friend she lost a few months ago) were playing Frisbee with Turner (her dog she lost a few years ago) and being watched over by Carrie (step grandmother she lost a year ago) How amazing is she?!

I thought she was ok until I started to pack for my weekend at Put-in-Bay with my sisters company and she started to get very upset so I let her call CeCe and the first thing out of her mouth was " you never take me on Vac with you, ever!" and the tears started. I think this was how she was choosing to express her sadness for Jaret but either way we decided to take her along and try to keep her mind off things and Uncle Bill and Aunt Pam showed up later with Mick so Eden had a great time. They had so much fun playing together and Sat we cruised around the entire island on a golf cart which she loved! She headed home on Sat with Bill and Pam and Mick and Daddy picked her up Sat evening. Today they are spending the day at the races which I am sure they will update you on tomorrow or Tuesday.

tomorrow we have to be at Clinic first thing in the morning for Counts. She may need platelets and if so we will probably have to head back up in the afternoon as we have to be in Dublin by 11 for the women's luncheon for Wendys championship for children kickoff. and then of course tomorrow evening is the viewing for Jaret. We are not sure if Eden will be going or not. We are letting her make the decision.

Thanks for checking on her and for all your prayers!


At 9:17 PM, Anonymous Mindy said...

I am just so sad. I was trying to follow him, but it took me right back to being at the hospital with Ian. I wanted to go and be supportive, but I would have been a mess. Now I sit here bawling my eyes out for his parents. I hate that Eden has had to go to two funerals at her age... and that they were friends of hers... this just is so unfair and not right. I love how she remembered Ian though. That made me smile. Thank her for thinking of him.


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