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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Another uneventful flight to Philly thanks to the fabulous Capt Jack. It was snowing in Columbus when we left but we haven’t seen any here yet. After we landed and got to the Ronald McDonald House and settled, Eden was starving so we ventured out for sustenance and found a McDonald’s close by and after that hit the grocery store for a few staples to get her by late in the night when she is hungry. We can back and Mommy attempted to work for a few hours until Dinner at 6 which was so so yummy thanks to all the wonderful volunteers here and then they had crafts for a few hours and we headed back up for bath and settle down while I tried to work for a few more hours.

Eden went to school this morning for a few hours and as we were heading out of her class they all wanted to fly with us to Philly. I wish I could have taken them! But the best I could do was promise to put a picture of the plane up on the website but when we got off the plane here in Philly it was so very cold that we ran for the hanger and I didn’t get one so I am posting an older picture of Eden and sweet Angel Christi with Uncle Jack in front of the plane. I hope her wonderful teacher Mrs. Russell will be able to print it off to show them. It’s very interesting I should have a reason to put this picture up today of Eden and Christi. I have been thinking a lot about her today as it was just over a month ago that she went on to a better place and her last few weeks were spent here in Philly. I still struggle every day to understand why such horrible things must happen to these very innocent children. Christ’s Mom Angela sent me an email today letting me know that Christi did ABT-751 for 7 ½ months and has no problems with it. I pray so hard that this will work for Eden for a very long time.

The other pictures are of Eden at the airport waiting for the Taxi (she was feeling fine just trying to get warm), Eden doing Crafts at the RM House and in bed at the RM House.

Pictures are all below. Had a few problems getting them uploaded.


At 2:01 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

I am glad to hear that you were able to spend some time with your friends in school. You must be very popular for all of them to want to fly to Philly with you. You're a true star.

I pray that all goes well and that the ABT-751 will work for Eden.



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