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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Last of the pics

OK. So here are the rest of the pics from Vac and I think I am hitting all the high points with these. We just had the most wonderful time that Eden has already asked if we can go back again very soon. On Tuesday Eden and CeCe and I went to Clinic in Orlando to have her counts checked and Riley and Justin(Riley's friend who went with us) went with Andy and Rod to Sea World and Eden and I joined them shortly after. We saw so much i cant even begin to go into it all but one of the best was seeing the Whale Show.. After watching this, it is my belief that doing something like that could be Riley's calling. He has such a deep love of any and all animals and they respond so well to him I have no doubt that if he wanted to be a trainer he would be amazing at it.

On Wed we had plans to go to Disney because CeCe and her wonderful colleague Nancy set up Dinner at the Castle for us on that day but Riley and Justin didn't seem very excited about Disney so Andy and Rod took them to Adventure Island which is part of Universal. So it was just Me, Eden and CeCe and we had a blast. We got to do all Girly stuff the whole day. Eden was able to meet Arial and Cinderella and we had a wonderful dinner at the Castle and was entertained by the Fairy godmother and the mice. As we were walking out of the Castle the Fireworks were about ready to start so we sat down and watched those. It was truly a magical day for all of us..

On Thursday we were all exhausted and spent the day lounging around the house and swimming which was very nice. On Friday we headed to Universal and adventure island and Eden decided that she would only be going on scary fast rides but she LOVED them.. We did Twister and Earthquake, and Revenge of the Mummy and Jaws and Men in Black and Jurassic Park and so many more that i just cant remember. It was 100 Degrees there every day with what felt like 100% humidity and i was very concerned about Eden getting over heated or to tired which would quickly cause her to have a fever and promptly end our Vacation so we wheeled her around in a wheelchair whenever we went to one of the parks. At some of the rides this gave us special entries into the rides and at first i felt like we were taking advantage but in the end i truly believe Eden would not have been able to make it without the wheelchair. She felt good at the end of each day and that was our goal.. I cant say much for the rest of us who walked miles and miles and miles in the heat but it was so worth every step. I do have more pictures to share in a few days from Flashes of Hope. They came to visit us while in May while we were in Philly and took some amazing photo's and they showed up in the mail while we were gone.. The Wonderful Debbie set it up for them to come and they did such a wonderful job.. I uploaded more pictures below this entry so don't miss them......

I almost forgot to Mention Eden insisted on wearing her sandals that had 2 in heals so she would be sure to be tall enough for most of the fast, scary rides and one of her most wonderful School mates Ashley who moved to Pitt sent her a "princess hat" and she wore that the whole time because it gave her another in............... she is the funniest thing ever


At 3:56 PM, Blogger Cammie said...

Wow Eden! What exciting pictures! Im so glad you had an awesome vacation! Still in my prayers

At 12:43 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

I absolutely loooove all of your pictures, Eden! I am so so so glad to hear that you had such a nice time. It certainly sounds like you were all very busy and having fun despite the weather. :o)

Girly days are always fun! I love them, too. I am also glad to hear that Riley had such a nice time. I have no doubt, he would make the most amazing trainer!

Thank you so much for sharing.



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