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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Mommy and Shelly are two HAPPY CAMPERS!

No more dressing changes! Uh Huh! Woo Hoo! We're dancing and singing and just as happy as we can be!

Our perfect Princess will not be sporting a hard to accessorize Broviac catheter. Dr. Nick was able to confirm that she would not need to have a Broviac for her upcoming MIBG treatment, so Eden will have a medport installed on Friday instead.

Having a medport will allow Eden the freedom of real baths (not sponge baths), swimming, playing in the sprinklers and all kinds of fun things that she would be restricted from if she had a Broviac. We will not have to do weekly painful dressing changes, either. We are very thankful as she can keep the medport in for treatment for a long time.

Eden is a little apprehensive about the medport as she will have to have a poke through her skin each time that she needs to have it accessed for some kind of procedure. We reassured her that we would use the numbing cream, so that she wouldn't feel anything, but she'll have to feel it before she believes us. She doesn't mind new things, but pokies are not high on her list of things to do; I don't blame her for being nervous, but I'm sure (and so is Lisa) That Eden will adjust fine once she gets over the first use of the medport.

Dr. Nick has made contact with the facilites that do MIBG treatments. Eden will be going to CHOP in Philadelphia for her treatment, probably in June. She'll have to pop in for an intial evaluation between rounds of chemo here, but we have a plan. We're all very relieved to know where she'll go for this treatment. Now for the logistics...

Thank you all for your love and support of Eden and all of her family. It's been a rough couple of weeks and there are sure to be more to come. Thank goodness that there is so much good that happens to offset the bad! Please continue to pray for us all!


At 7:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As always we are always pleased to hear news of Eden. She is in our thoughts and prayers as is her family. We hope that she will have a speedy recovery with this. She is a special little lady! All our best to all of you


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