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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Chemo round three update

It hasn't been a bad week, but not the greatest either.

For some reason our Monday did not go off without a hitch. We were hitched many times, but mostly it was just silly delays.

Tuesday was another long day, as Eden needed a red blood cell transfusion. We arrived around 9 AM and left at 4:45 PM. The chemo didn't get started until noon and the transfusion didn't start until around 1:30. I cannot figure out why it took three hours to do NOTHING! Eden had a couple of nightmares Monday night and she had me up and down. We were both pretty tired and I was grouchy. We ended up taking a nap together in the infusion chair for a couple of hours. That helped a little, but I just don't know what takes so darn long to get started.

Wednesday, today, was another story altogether. We got there at nine, and started chemo preparations before ten AM. We left around 1 PM. THAT's how the outpatient chemo is supposed to work. Of course the reason that today flowed perfectly was because I had invited Miss Diddle and Mrs. Zorn to come to the hospital to play with Eden because we have had such long days. I think they were sort of disappointed that it went so quickly.

We have the schedule for Eden's stem cell harvest. She will be admitted on July 5, have the catheter placed into the femoral vein in her groin/leg area and will begin the harvesting process the same day. She is scheduled to harvest for three days. She will be inpatient for the whole harvest time as the catheter is a big one and is kept in place for the whole time. Eden will have to be very sedate for the time that the catheter is in her body. She will need to be still and not be running or maybe even walking! I think it's gonna be a very difficult inpatient stay for her. She is a social butterfly and NEEDS to run around J5 spreading her "Princess-y" cheer to everyone.
So she has two more days of this round of chemo. She has handled it very well, as she has in the past. What a little trooper. She's going to be so disappointed that she won't have visitors tomorrow or Friday at the clinic. She's stuck with just me, five nurses, other patients, lots of activities and she'll still tell me that she's BORED! Any ideas for entertainment while stuck in a chair for three hours or more (without glitter, glue, sequins or much mess) is most welcome!


At 6:54 PM, Anonymous Jocelyn & Jon Patton said...

No idea maybe a coloring book!, I am sure she told you about here visit i promised i would come over soon and paint her toes and nails she saw mine painted and asked if we could switch hands she cracks me up some times Good Luck tommarrow keeping her busy take care talk to you soon!

At 9:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Codey will be there on friday you guys can keep each other busy!! He needs blood !!

At 9:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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