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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Decisions, Decisions

We spoke with Dr. Mandy yesterday (wont even attempt to spell her last name) and it is confirmed that Eden’s Bone Marrow is clean and they have seem more then a 50% reduction in Cancer Cells in her body. It seems that Dr. Mandy will be taking over Eden’s care for awhile and we couldn’t be happier about it. She was Eden’s BMT Doctor and we are very comfortable with her. Eden had labs on Friday and we asked them to do a Blood Culture (just for good measure) and her counts are slowly on their way up except her Platelets which continue to drop but not at the fast rate as before. She did get a platelet transfusion to hold her through the long weekend. This morning we woke and headed for CeCe’s pool as fast as our legs would take us and planted ourselves there for the day until a dreaded call about 4:30 that Eden’s blood cultures were growing something. So, out of the pool we went to the hospital. I was expecting more blood cultures to be run and IV antibiotics to be given considering she has had no fever and played like she had 10 kids energy today but to my surprise the wanted to admit her.

Now let me start by saying that we have allowed the professionals to call the shots over the last few years no matter how hard it was for us to do so at times but today I had to put my foot down. Although the Doctors would never admit this, sometimes a parent knows what’s best for their child and if I thought for one second that she was sick we would be inpatient right now! Eden gets fevers at the drop of a hat and if she truly had a bacterial infection she would have been spiking all day but as I felt her head 100 times today and nothing I believe there may have been a contamination somewhere down the line. Rourke and I talked on the phone and agreed So I asked them to draw another blood culture and give her antibiotics and let us come home and as unhappy as they were about it, they conceded but not before reminding me that I could be the cause of a serious even life threatening blood infection. It’s actually funny they should say that considering we feel like every move we make these days could cause her her life…. How sad it is that any parent should ever have to be in this position!

I am watching her very close for any signs of trouble at which we will be back at Children’s in a flash but for now I want her to be able to enjoy this weekend that she has looked forward to for SOO long. We would never put her health at risk in any way but will always look out for her quality of life.


At 10:33 AM, Anonymous Jocelyn Patton said...

Hope that you have a wonderful weekend! Please tell Eden i love her and will talk to here soon! God Bless

At 11:13 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

I am so happy to hear about such great response to the chemo. Clean bone marrow and 50% reduction of cancer cells. Amazing! I am so glad that Eden is feeling so well and I pray a fever doesn't spike and she'll get to stay home and play.



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