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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Build-A-Bear and Bubble Day

Whew! What an exciting couple of days. On Monday, Memorial Day, there was no school, so Mrs. Zorn and I took Eden out for girls day! First, we had lunch at Johnny Rockets (Mrs. Zorn really wanted a milkshake!!). The food was great AND we got to see the waiters and waitresses dance! Eden thought that was cool! Then it was off to Build-a-Bear, where none of us actually built a bear. Eden built a dog, named Emily Cada Adams, and dressed her in a bathing suit, complete with towel, suntan lotion, and umbrella. Mrs. Zorn made a puppy named Sammy and I made a froggie and then dressed him in a Steeler outfit! Good times! p.s. Mom, Dad, and Shelly, we're not sure how you do it because Mrs. Zorn and I were EXHAUSTED at the end of our girls day out!
Today at school was Kindergarten Bubble Day and Eden was here for the whole thing! Yippee! Bubble Day consisted of several different bubble stations set up in the gym and outside where the kids can experiment with bubbles and even stand in a huge bubble, get their face painted, eat snack, make crafts, and pretty much have a rollicking good time! We were so glad Eden could be with her class for this special day!


At 7:26 PM, Anonymous Jocelyn Patton said...

Looks like she had a blast!!!! Bubble day sounds so cool


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