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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A fish called Eden

The pictures above are Eden swimming, diving and doing a flip under water and dancing from left to right Eden, Lil, Allie, Madi and Abby at Balletmet.

Eden went from always having floaties on to not using them AT ALL overnight. She can now swim from side to side of the pool underwater with no help, she can do front and back flips under water and she can jump off the diving board and swim to the ladder with no help. Her new found independence does however keep me on my toes. It only takes one sec for me to turn my head and her to go under. We have huge amount of respect for the water and what it is capable of and we instill that in Riley and Eden often.

Eden had clinic on Monday and her counts were fine and she will go back on Thursday to check them again. It is very hard to predict if she will need blood or platelets as I haven't seen any bruising yet and she seems to have plenty of energy. She did however sleep until 12:30 today and didn't even wake up when I gave her her shot. That tells me that her body is needing more rest but it doesn't always mean she will need blood. She is eating very well, in fact I would bet she eats way more then Riley does on a daily basis. Its very nice to see a little meat on her arms and legs and yes she has a tushy again!!

Thanks as always for checking on the princess.


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