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Monday, June 26, 2006

Sick? Who's Sick?

Well what you see is what you get. This was our weekend. Swimming, eating, Swimming some more. Sorry some of the pics are a little blurry but you get the idea. I have two daredevil on my hands. Eden is swimming so well and she just wont stop! I had to force her to take 5 min breaks every hour or so and drink water.

As you can see we had Stef join us for the weekend and she will have the most unique tan ever. No Aunt will ever compare to Aunt CeCe and Eden is very aware of that fact. They had a play date Friday night and I am sure there was some serious Tea party events going on. Nancy (works with CeCe) gave Eden the most wonderful gift last week of a Picnic Basket with a Tea set inside.

Eden is such a big girl now. She refused to use nummie cream on her leg for shots now. "it doesn't hurt Mom" But this morning as we were heading to the hospital for clinic she stated that she would still need nummie cream on her port site when getting accessed. She said that would be required until she is 10 which made my blood run cold for a min. I am not sure if it was the thought of....Will she make it to see 10 (please God) or was it the idea of her needing her port for the next 4+ years.

Clinic went well today. I just spoke with Shelly and Eden's platelets were at 20 so she got a fill up. No more shots were needed as her white count is going well so she will have the week off and then start again on Friday or Sat and it will go to 2 shots a day for her Harvest on Wed. A forth round of Chemo is scheduled but only if they don't get enough Stem Cells and would need to do it again but after a conversation between Dr. Nick and Shelly today I think we will go ahead and do the 4th round regardless. We all feel a little uncomfortable with doing nothing between her chemo two weeks ago and Aug 8th. That is just giving the Cancer to much time to get out of control. She handles the Chemo very well and its in her best interest to go ahead with it.

Please keep Christi Thomas and Family in your prayers that her counts start to recover to make her eligible for new treatments.


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