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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

We went through every emotion yesterday... Starting with waking up early very grumpy!! (Eden is not a morning person) We made it up to the clinic and drew labs and saw the Dr and ran for the door to meet CeCe and go to the Wendy's Championship for Children women's luncheon. Eden was upset that I had dressed her in a VERY cute outfit but it wasn't a dress! so, CeCe agreed to run to the store on our way and find her a cute dress to wear. (she is not at all spoiled!) So we get there and Eden had a blast being the center of attention with all the ladies. She dragged poor Tasha around like her own personal barbie doll. (Tasha works for the children's foundation and kinda looks like a barbie) We cant thank Tasha enough for all she has done! We walked around the silent action for a bit and talked with all the people we knew from the hospital and the clinic called to give me Eden's counts. Now I figured she would need platelets by yesterday so I had planned on going right from the luncheon back to clinic for transfusion but to my surprise she was fine and in fact her white and Red count had gone up. Her platelets are still going down but slowly. Counts are: White 3.6, Red 12.4 and platelets 75 ANC 2088. I could not have been happier! We headed into the lunch and sat down and enjoyed the company at our table while eating and then they showed Eden's video. It was so wonderful and Bob did such an amazing job.. I cant wait to be able to share it with all of you. It will be playing on ESPN2 soon and I will let everyone know when as soon as I know. Over all the day was so wonderful and I hope they raise tons of money for Ped Cancer.....

Last night we went to Jaret's Service which was so very hard. Eden handled it wonderfully and many many people there knew who she was from the website. She and Riley made a stepping stone for Jaret's parents that was just perfect and they loved it. Wonderful idea Shelly! We didn't stay long because although Eden did great I just cant handle it! We headed home and did the bed and bath thing and started all over this morning.

Thanks and have a great day!


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