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Thursday, August 03, 2006

ups and downs

We have had our ups and downs this week but all turned out well. Of course we have been waiting all week for Eden's Bone Marrow test to come back and finally yesterday Dr. Yeager called to say it was all clear..... (how can we ever thank you all for your prayers!!) This is of course very good for many reasons.. No disease in the marrow means less Radiation that will stay in her body during the MiBG therapy and then just the obvious reason that less disease is better.

On Wed Eden went to get her new molds for her hearing aids and while Melissa was testing them she found that something was wrong with Eden's right ear. Its very hard to explain the problem but basically something was keeping her eardrum from moving the way it should to send sound waves thru the ear. Melissa was concerned that she had fluid in the inner ear just behind the eardrum and although her ear Physically looked fine and no infection could be seen, Eden is very prone to ear infections and any kind of infection is very bad for Eden. So, we went straight to the hospital and they couldn't do anything because it was so late so first thing Thursday morning we headed to Clinic and Dr. Nick looked and couldn't see anything but again there was a concern infection was brewing so a CT scan of her head was ordered. While there we ran into Justin who is one of Eden's favorite people in the world and we are trying to get as much time in with him as possible because he is packing up and heading the St. Jude's. We will miss you so much Justin!!! Sorry back to the story. Anyway, we had a few hours to kill before the CT so we ran home and dropped Riley off and went back to meet with Shelly. ( Mommy has to work a few hours in the day around Eden's schedule) so back up to Clinic to get accessed where we met Shelly and Justin again. They all headed down for CT while I headed back to work. After the CT shelly took Eden over to CeCe's for a little swim time and I went over after working. Around 7 pm Dr. Nick called to say the CT looked completely normal (that is also when he told me the marrow was clear) so then of course we were back at square one with what was wrong with her ear. This morning we headed back up to the hospital for another Audiology test and this one came out fine so what ever the problem was it resolved itself. This is the down side to knowing every little thing going on in her body that sometimes we know to much and don't give her body a chance to correct itself.

In the end all is well and Eden is off to Camp in the morning. She will be back on Sunday and Monday morning we leave for Philly. Need to say a big thanks to Tom and Robin for above and beyond kindness. Robin asked what she could get Eden to help fight off bordom while in Philly and i mentioned eden New found love for the show Hee Haw and low and behold i recived an email that she found the DVD on the internet and it will be delivered tomorrow..... How funny is that?

Thanks for checking in on the princess and stay tuned for upcoming events!


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