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Monday, July 17, 2006

Moving Forward

Friday after Chemo, Eden being the lucky little girl she is was able to spend the night with Micah (one of her Fav. Nurse Practitioner) and they had a blast. When I picked her up from Dad's on Sat she told me she shouldn't have any more cookie Dough for a while because she ate so much the night before. She is so funny! THANK YOU MICAH!! Sat and Sunday were spent in the pool as it was the only cool place to be here in Columbus and Sunday both Riley and Eden went to Mama Hopes for a pool Party....... Any day now we should start to see the fins. Eden had clinic this morning and all is good. Her White count was 5.6.. Platelets were 103 and Hemoglobin was 11.2 and we didn't stick around long enough to get her ANC. Sorry! We did spend a few min with Dr. Yeager for her checkup and I mentioned that when Eden chews it was hurting on the right side so I was afraid she had a cavity. (Chemo can break down everything in the body including the teeth) however in this case it turns out to be a 6 year molar so he decided to put her on antibiotics for 1o days so she will be covered if it breaks through while her white count plummets which will start to happen about Friday. While she is already covered with the meds we are going to get her into the Dentist for a once over. After her MiBG therapy her counts as a whole will suffer for up to 6 weeks. We of course hope that is not the case but must plan for the worst.

We hope you are enjoying your summer and appreciate you checking in on Eden!


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