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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

All is well

Sorry I haven't updated in a few days. We had a very busy weekend followed by some Computer Issues.

Eden continues to feel great and today is the last day of her ABT-751 for the next 14 days. It is thought that if she were going to have a bad reaction to the medicine that she would have had it by now but we will wait a few more days before jumping for joy...LOL Please continue to pray that this new Drug will keep her disease at bay so she can live a Normal 6 year old life for as long as possible. She is back at school almost full time. We still must make twice weekly visits to clinic for labs for the next 3 weeks to be sure her counts are holding steady. The longer she is on this Medicine the longer her clinic visits will get spaced out. We will be going back to Philly on Nov 15th for a check with Dr. Mosse and to get her drugs for that cycle and then again on Dec. 4,5 and 6th for Scans and to start her third cycle and so on and so on. We wont have to go back to Philly for the beginning of every cycle but I am not sure at what point that will start.

Last Sat Aunt CeCe had a huge Halloween party which was planned months ago but not much was done because we figured we would have plenty of time the last week to do it and of course last minute Eden and I had to go to Philly and she was in DC for work. So, Come Sat morning the running began and we ran and ran and ran getting everything ready and then we cooked and coo.................................OH no the power is out!!!!! Yes 2 hours before the party the power went out. We checked the breaker box and everything seemed fine and as I walked out the front door the problem was very evident. A tree from next door had been knocked down by the wind and had ripped the power lines right out of the pole. AEP was fast to respond but we were told it would be hours and hours before it was fixed. So, we took all of the uncooked food to my Brothers house (who thankfully lived a block away) and we started lighting candles and calling for more candles. Everything turned out just fine and it was a great party.. We even had the sound effects provided by AEP in the way of a chainsaw cutting down the tree. The whole thing was quit funny.

Sunday morning I woke to a call from my Sister that there had been a fire at her house sometime in the early morning but they were all ok and the damage was minimal. It is unsure of what caused it because it couldn't have started until at least 5 or 5:30 in the morning because at 6 although the house was full of smoke the only real Fire damage was the kitchen table. There is a lot of smoke damage and we worked all day Sunday to get one room back to normal and it will take some time to clean the whole house. We are very thankful that CeCe and Joe and Rod were ok. When I told Eden about the fire, her response was Is CeCe ok? Is Joe ok? Is Rod ok? Is my Room ok? I think for the tender age of 6 her priorities are pretty well placed. lol

I will update with some pictures of the Witch and Darth Vador soon!



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