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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Living Life

I have added some pictures from Tuesday below.....

Eden is still feeling wonderful and having no side effects from the Meds.. (Thank God) I can honestly say that I never see the child without food in her hands which a wonderful sight. She is gaining weight and she looks great and feels great. She has so much energy and she is enjoys being back at school all the time. She has such wonderful friend in her class not to mention a wonderful teacher and of course Miss. Diddle and Mrs. Zorn. Everytime I walk into the class the girls ask me to please please set up a play date for them with Eden and you have no idea how happy I am to say yes and know that I can now! As I am typing this She is rolling around on the floor with Sophie and I try to soak up every second of this wonderful time.

I had a few calls yesterday that left me in Awe. Andy's Aunt Sharon from IN called to check on Eden and tell me about the wonderful people at her church that pray for Eden everyday and ask about her every Sunday even though they have never met her. How blessed are we and I want to thank each and every one of them as I believe it truly does give Eden strength during the hard times as well as me. I am hoping to be able to plan a trip there for church service very soon. While Eden was in the hospital we received a beautiful gift from our church.. A prayer blanket made by the wonderful people there who prayed over the blanket while making it. Eden loves to sleep with it! You never know where the next act of kindness is going to come from but I am never surprised anymore by it as I have seen so much of it over the last few years. The wonderful couple who own the house that I rent are truly sent from God. Over the past year they have been so amazing to me and to Eden and always offered to help in any way they could. They were huge supporters of the Yard Sale we had to benefit Eden over the summer and have always been clear they are understanding of the situation with Eden. This only gives a small glimpse of the kindness we have seen and it is my intention to share more with you in the future so there is never a doubt that kind and caring people populate this world and are there just waiting around the corner for you.



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