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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The wheels on the bus go round and round

Edens week was much better then last week. She is just getting to a point of really eating again but she hasn't had the belly pain that she was having. She has made to school all week and on Wed they had a PJ party that she really liked. Tonight they had a little gathering for the oncology kids at children's and Stinger from the Blue Jackets was there. They are starting a new program where the kids get a bead to add to a very special necklace they were given each time they have anything done at the hospital.. (kinda good that didn't have this two years ago or Eden would need a crane to carry around all the beads) Anyway it was a lot of fun and she was able to spend a little time with beloved nurses that she doesn't get to see very often and some of the kids we have known for years.

We got on line today and looked at her Tree on the Lunch for Life Website and she was so very excited to see so many ornaments on there.. She says it looks so pretty.. Mommy loved seeing them as well because I look at each bulb as an opportunity for a cure... Thank you all so much for logging in and helping out! We never know which donation will be the one that finds the cure that saves her life!

Both of the kids have a very busy few days.. Tomorrow after school they have a date with Cindy and Rich. They are doing Dinner and a Movie and are very excited about it and Riley is having a friend spend Friday night with him and Sat he is going to a Birthday Party sleepover with a bunch of his friends from School and Eden is going to the Circus Sat afternoon.. We are leaving early Sunday for Philly once again but this time we will be there until Wed. Please keep Eden in your thoughts and prayers as we go into Scan week.


At 12:29 AM, Blogger Tawny said...

Eden looks so adorable in those pictures! I'm so glad she's eating more and feeling better. That's a really sweet idea the hospital came up with for the necklaces. The children need something to put a smile on their faces when they get things done at the hospital.

I just saw how many new ornaments she has now! She's getting very close to being half way to filling her tree. I hope we find out a total after all this to know how much was raised for NB research. Sounds like you guys are have a great saturday planned, have fun! I'll start praying for her scans to go well this week. Stay Strong!


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