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Monday, January 01, 2007


Eden and Riley had a wonderful New Years Eve hanging with Aunt CeCe and doing a Movie. The kids were out of school all last week and I very much enjoyed being able to just spend the whole week relaxing with them and working from home. Sunday Morning Me, Riley, Eden and Sophie lay on the couch and watched TV together and it’s a moment in time I have burned into my memory bank and will forever hold dear. I wouldn't even know where to begin thanking people that Eden is here to see 2007. Of course my first thanks would be to God and then to the next best thing: Doctors, for there tireless efforts at finding treatments for these children. Our wonderful family and friends who have stuck by us during the worst of times and helped lift our spirits when we thought we couldn't go on.

Many Many children are unable to keep going after Relapsing with Neuroblastoma and in March I was so very afraid that Eden would never see another year and yet here she is happy and healthy and loving life. I know I mention this alot but I feel it’s important to never forget how fragile life is and how fast it can be taken away. Many Families came into this New Year one short and my heart truly breaks for them. 99% of the time I cannot allow myself to dwell on fact that someday we may be in the same position but there is that 1% of the time that I allow it to take over because it’s important to me that I never lose sight of how lucky we are every single minute that we have Eden with us.

Eden Started her 4th round of ABT on Wed and seems to be doing pretty well. She has only thrown up once and that was at 5am Sunday morning. The worst usually starts in tomorrow on her last day of the meds but we are hopeful that we have the right combo of drugs going to prevent most of the side effects at this point. Eden and Rourke will be leaving for Philly on Sunday and Monday morning the she will start her scans. It seems like we JUST did this! This is the first trip to Philly that I am not going on and I have to say I am more then a little stressed out about it...... I am sure Rourke will take wonderful care of her and cater to her every need but as a mother I have the elusion that no one can care for my babies like I can!! Sorry Daddy's but that is our right for giving up our own lives for 9 months to become a human incubator and for giving birth. lol

My wish for all of you is a happy and healthy 2007!


At 8:48 AM, Blogger Olivia said...

Dear Eden and Family,

I hope 2007 brings you only the very best. As always you are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope the scans go well in Philly for you; my fingers will be crossed!

Eden, I thought of you yesterday! I was watching the movie "The Perfect Man" with my sisters and the little girl in it reminded me of you. She's not as cute, obviously, but every time I saw her, I would think of you and that made me happy.

Here's to hoping for a wonderful year for all of you and many more to follow.

Much love,

At 12:10 AM, Blogger Tawny said...

Happy New Year Adams family! I know every new year spent with Eden is a miracle in itself and my wish is for you to have many, many more years with your beautiful daughter! I hope a cure for the horrible beast isn't too far away, especially with FU-NB-2006 in the labs and angel Christi assisting! Stay Strong!


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