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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Fun with Eden

The picture above is from last week when Eden had her bone marrow aspirations done. We have reached the point (Eden and I) where we just want to have fun with all of this stuff that isn't very much fun at all.

The day that she had her bone marrows done, she had a bad experience with having an IV placed. She fought through it like a trooper, with Dad, Mom and I encourgaing for all we were worth. The more upset she gets, the harder it is for them to get the IV line placed within her vein. Out of desperation, I promised her a trip to Build-A-Bear to by a new outfit for her bear that Taylor and Rhonda made for her a while back. Well, that promise worked and she settled down and they got the line placed.

Yesterday, Eden went to have a MRV/MRI done and none of us (her grown-ups) thought to numb her arm for the contrast line that had to be placed. AHHH! Well, suffice it to say that Eden's mom did what she had to do and they got the contrast in her. Eden "did not cry one little tear" and was a big girl through the whole procedure. Eden called to tell me all about it and to make sure that we would be going shopping for her bear soon. She was so excited and I was so happy that I promised her a trip to "Made 2 Be Friends" which is right next to Build-A-Bear. At Made 2 Be Friends, you can make your own doll and the smaller versions have painted toenails!
Eden makes us all so proud with her graceful demeanor, her lovong nature and the fact that she never holds a grudge against any of the nurses who have to poke her. I'm not so sure that I could be so grown up! She is an amazing child.

Her tastes are growing up as well. She asks for everything, but she is no longer the sweet LITTLE girl that started fighting cancer. She will soon be six and she is ALL princess/diva/girl.

If anyone would like to help us continue to reward this amazing behavior, Club Libby Lu, Build-A-Bear and Made 2 Be Friends gift certificates would be most welcome! :-) Please do not take this as begging or being greedy. We have had many people ask what they could do to help. This is something that would make her very happy and help us to reward her for doing some of the things that are so difficult for her to do.

Today, Eden has school and dance class. Tomorrow she has surgery to place a medport to keep use for chemo and other treatments, so please pray hard for our princess.


At 4:52 PM, Anonymous Jocelyn & Jon Patton said...

i will be praying! Let me know how things go, maybe we can plan a trip to the zoo pending on Eden's treatments, Can i go to bulid a bear too!!! LOL
take care Jon and i are thinking about everyone!


You can diva that Gwen and Raider( Our kitties) hope she feels better soon they are waiting for a playmate as soon as she is able!

At 5:40 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

I'm a friend of Christi Thomas'...just thought I'd stop by and let you know I'm prayin for Eden. So cute what you did with those bandages! I suppose thats the only way to get through these awful times.



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