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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Keep your fingers crossed

We hope you all had a wonderful Forth of July! Eden had a wonderful long weekend! Of course she swam and Swam and was able to spend time with some of her favorite people and life was good. I believe this is one of Eden's most Favorite holidays as she truly loves fireworks and so of course we made our annual trek downtown with all of the family to sit behind COSI and wait for the show to begin! We always get there early to get good parking and a good seat and then just hang out, people watch, play cards and eat lots of junk food and this year was no different except some of our very good friends had a camper right behind us so not only did Eden get Mick all to herself but she also got Madi and Abby to play with and play they did! We missed our sweet Riley as he was off at camp and wont be home until this weekend. It just wasn't the same without him!

Eden was admitted to children's at 6am this morning to have the catheter placed in her groin to start her stem cell harvest. Please keep your fingers crossed that they get a good yield so she wont have to go through this again in a month. If you would like use the link to the right to send her an E-Card. She will be there through Friday.

Have a great week!


At 12:06 PM, Anonymous Jocelyn and Jon Patton said...

Glad that everything is going well i am keeping my fingers crossed, Eden i may come and see you next weekend! Love Ya! Take Care have a good weekend!


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