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Monday, August 28, 2006

Big First Grader

She is officially a first grader now and could not be more excited about it! Here are some pics of her this morning. The pic of her and Corley will be her Favorite I am sure!

Yesterday was the big day.. Eden sang the National anthem at Nationwide Arena for the Hats for Hero's game! I have to start by saying that she had probably never heard the song until last Tuesday when we started practicing and she listened to it 100 on her iPod to be ready for it.. Stefanie came into town on Friday so they could practice, practice, practice and that is what they did..... She and Stef walked out on that ice and made the entire arena cry.. She did such a wonderful job! She sang loud and clear! We need to thank Stef for working with her and going out and singing with her. We love you Stef! It was such a wonderful Event. We saw all of our friends from the Hospital and Eden's Past and Present Teachers were there aka #1, #2 biggest fans of Eden.... (Her new teacher Mrs. Russell is just getting to know her so we will give her a little time to catch up) You guys are the best and I don't know what we would do without you! And you all know that of course Eden's biggest Fan, Aunt CeCe was there with some of the great people from her office and uncle Bill brought Mick. Daddy and Shelly and Riley and Andy were all there to see Eden in her big debut. We feel so blessed every day for the wonderful people who surround us and support us. We will get some pics up of the event soon.

Thank you all and we love you!


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