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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Doing Fine

Eden is doing fine this morning. Her port site bleeding last night was cause for concern but not really dangerous as it was a very slow leak and I was in constant contact with the wonderful on-call doctor at children's. We fully expected her platelets to drop around now due to the MiBG therapy and her ANC has started to drop some as well but we will be watching this closely and Dr. Mosse sent an email last night responding to an email from Dr. Yeager giving her an update on Edens health and overall condition. She seems very comfortable with Eden's Status and we will just continue to watch her closely, give her platelets (and rap her in Bubble Rap) until her counts start to recover. She also said that if we see positive results on her scan in a few weeks we will be scheduling her for another round of MiBG therapy despite her Platelet counts and plan a Stem Cell Rescue for two weeks post MiBG # 2.

I realize that sometimes the treatments and side effects seem worse then the Disease but it is so very important that we continue to treat her aggressively and never give the Disease a chance to round up its army and attack. The life that Eden lives is the only life she knows so there is little self pity or wishes of normal. To her this is normal. She has great friends and tons of family surrounding her and she loves her life.

Thanks for checking in and I am still working on sizing Kings Island pic to put up.



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