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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Feeling well

I know we have been updating the blog pretty often this week but haven't said much about how Eden is feeling.. She is doing great and loving school.. No current issues with her health to update on except she did need platelets on Monday for the first time since Philly. Dr. Nick is pleased at how she is feeling and we fully expected some platelet transfusions and it is very good that she will not need Red blood or stimulating drugs for her white count.. They are doing just fine.

It is so cute how much she is enjoying school and everything I walk in with her the whole class says........HI EDEN!! Kids are so wonderful and adaptable.. Eden has made a few comments that she doesn't want to have to leave her school building next year because it is only for kindergarten and first grade and of course how would she get lovin from Miss. Diddle and Mrs. Zorn if she is in another building? I know this will sound odd but it was kinda refreshing to hear her worry about normal kid stuff... of course on the other hand it always sends a shock of panic through me when she talks about the future and forces me to think about it. I try very hard to live for the moment so I can keep it all together.

I saw Miss Diddle this morning and the hair is gone... She looks GREAT!! How lucky will the child be that receives a wig of her hair.

I hope you have all been enjoying the pics over the last few days!

I need to ask for a special prayer for the Thomas family. Christi has been doing poorly for the last week or so. They are trying very hard to control her pain as the disease progresses. Christi has been fighting Neuroblastoma for 4+ years.


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