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Monday, September 04, 2006

Kings Island

Eden just returned safe and sound from Kings Island. She had the best time! Uncle Bill said Eden and Mick got bored with the kiddie rides and hit the big rides soon after getting there. Eden said she loved everyone of them and never got scared. She is so brave and of course what could possibly be more scary then some of the things she has been put through in the last two years...... She rode the octopus and the Viking ship and the fairly odd coaster and many many more.. (I was having a hard time understanding her with her mouth full of chicken nuggets.) They have a build a bear in Kings Island now and so Mick and Eden had to visit... Mick built a bear and Eden built a bunny. FYI: Her potty issues seem to be all better now.

We cant thank Aunt Pam and Uncle Bill enough for taking her. We are so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people.

Poor Poor Riley had to spend the day with me and CeCe shopping for school clothes as we discovered this week that all of his jeans are to short. We had already bought Eden new clothes weeks ago because it was obvious she had grown tons over the summer. (when I say we bought I guess I should say CeCe bought. She is sooooo good to us!)

Normally Eden would have clinic today but because it was a holiday I will have to call tomorrow and find out when they want to see her. I am sure there is a protocol they need to follow for the MiBG therapy she just did so I would guess they will need to get her in twice this week.

Uncle Bill promised to get me some pictures from today soon and I will get them up as soon as I have them..

Thank you all for your prayers for Christi! They seem to be managing her pain a little better today which we are so happy to hear.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday


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