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Thursday, April 05, 2007



Riley, my sensitive son. An old soul. So much to teach. My son Intelligent, quick witted, cheeky too. At times I will dispare, what to do. My son. My son. Whom makes my heart burst with joy. My son, my only boy. Inquisitive looks, lust for life. My son.This little man of mine, could not be more precious were he made of gold. My son I steal into his room at night, to watch him sleep. Lent to me by god. Mine for a while to keep. My son.

Born April 5th 1994 at 6:37 pm weighing in at 9lb 14oz.Two and a half weeks late (and has been late ever since) He was such a good baby. I remember calling the Dr. because i thought something was wrong with him because he never cried. He was such a beautiful baby and so perfect. I didn't get a chance to jump on yesterday to wish Mama Hope and Aunt Hunny a happy birthday but the kids did get to call and sing to Mama Hope. Happy Birthday One and All!!!

Riley did get his cast off yesterday.....wooohoooo However the pain is much worse now. Because the muscles have not been used in so long he is having a hard time moving his leg. All in good time sweet Riley.

Eden is doing fine. She did get blood yesterday as she was a little low. Her platelets were up to 30,000 (not good but better) so they are going to hold off until Friday to see where she is. She is feeling great with tons of energy and its so hard to keep her still and i hate so much to continue to remind her that she still has low platelets because i know she is just trying to be a normal kid. Eden still has all of her hair and i had a chance to speak with Dr. Nick yesterday and he said it may hang in there (pardon the pun) because she only got 75% of the chemo that she was given this time last year. Eden was very upset the other morning while i was brushing her hair and she noticed it had not yet started to fall out. She asked me if this means the chemo is not working. It truly breaks my heart that she worries about such things and amazes me at the same time. As we know that is not at all the case because her counts are falling falling falling and even if they were not it would not be any indication of how the chemo was working on the cancer. While sitting in Clinic on Monday discussing the next few weeks with Nick i mentioned that Edens last Bone Marrow aspiration was done on the front of her hips in Philly and that Rourke thought it was a faster healing time for her and she piped in and said no way i want it on my back.. So Dr. Nick told her it didn't need to be decided now and could be done right up to the time she is wheeled in for the procedure. In my mind i felt like i was in the middle of a very sick game of "THINGS YOUR SIX YEAR OLD SHOULD NEVER HAVE TO DECIDE" Things nobody should ever have to decide.

Afternoon update: I may have spoke to soon. Eden is now pulling her hair out by the handful...... She is having fun but Mommy's belly is doing flips! The hair will probably be gone by nightfall.


At 11:38 AM, Anonymous Michelle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RILEY! I'm glad to hear that you finally got your cast off, you will get the muscles working soon!

Glad to hear that Eden is feeling well. Hope that she continues to do well.

At 11:50 AM, Blogger Mimi said...

I agree with you...my daughter was also late by 10 days (born August of 1979) and she is STILL late to this day.....must be OUR faults since we wouldn't let go....lol....

At 3:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Old Fart.

At 6:57 PM, Blogger Cindy & Rich said...

Happy Birthday Riley! We know you would love to help Eden with losing her hair like you did before. lol

Rich & Cindy

At 7:39 PM, Anonymous Tawny said...

Happy 13th Birthday Riley! You're now officially a teen! I'm sure mom and dad love that.. lol

I know Eden has been waiting for her hair to fall out again so I'm glad to know that Eden is having fun with it. At the same time, I'm sad for you as I know it is a constant reminder of the battle Eden is facing every day of her precious life. Stay Strong Adams Family! Your sweet little princess is so close to being a big 7 year old!

At 8:51 PM, Anonymous SarahBeth said...

Happy Birthday, Riley!!! I hope you had a great one.

I'm also glad to hear that Eden is doing so well (and having so much fun pulling out her hair :P)

Much love,
♥SarahBeth Thalman

At 10:07 PM, Blogger Jennifer (Kids Cancer Crusade) said...

Happy birthday Riley!! I hope you got my card.

Eden is such an amazing 6 year old. The bone marrow aspirates, the hair...everything. She is just incredible!

At 3:40 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

I am so sorry that I am late with this, Riley, but I hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday!! Eden is so lucky to have you for a brother! I am sure she looks up to you.

I hope you had fun celebrating your special day.

Much love,


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