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Thursday, April 27, 2006

A bump in the Road!

Eden’s temp and overall well being was questionable all day yesterday, so we watched her and unlike a pot she did in fact start to boil this morning about 4am. She woke with the nodes around her ear so sore that we couldn’t touch it and a bloody nose. Her Blood counts had dropped enough that it started to take a serious toll on her little body. We headed to the clinic at 8 and her temp was 101.4 (anything over 100.5 earns us a few days in the hospital because of the port there is an increased risk of infection and with low counts we just cant risk it) So antibiotics were started and blood and platelets were ordered and we were off to J5. (Added into the mix was Andy’s root canal, so Shelly and I traded off at the hospital a few times this morning while shuffling Riley around with us) once we got to J5 we begged the staff to allow us to run down to the lobby where all of the radio stations were hosting the Radiothon to cure Children’s Cancer and Eden had 3 interviews to do. She is a VIP (Very Important Princess) and we felt this was a wonderful cause. The interviews went very well outside of a few tears by me and Shelly when Riley was talking about what it’s like to be the big brother of a Cancer patient. Eden is currently getting her life saving transfusions and antibiotics to tackle any bacteria sneaking around in there. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU WHO CHOOSE TO GIVE BLOOD!!

Blood cultures were taken this morning and they will be watched for anything growing over the next 48 hours and after 24 hours of no fever and nothing growing in her cultures she will be allowed to go home. It helps so much that Eden loves to be at the hospital and all of the people who work with her.


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