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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Philly here we come!

(as a side note, Shelly is working on getting an update of the party Sunday as she has all of the pics, but she has been pretty busy with Kid stuff) As for new things we know. Rourke and I will be taking Eden to children's hospital of Philadelphia on Wed May 3rd for a Meet and Greet/Consultation with the team of Doctors that run the trial study she will be starting in June. (iMiBG) Her appointment is only about 2 hours and then we are done until we go back for actual treatment Mid June so Rourk's Wonderful, amazing Aunt Linda and Uncle Jack have offered to fly us out there for the day in their 6 person plane. I can not stress enough as to the amount of love and kindness we have seen over the last two years, which includes Family, Friends, Strangers, Doctors, nurses and even Honda and EMC. To name all of the kind hearts we have encountered would be a weeks worth of work. Thank you all so much for the little and big things you do for our precious baby.

Eden continues to feel very well. She is eating so much and sleeping well and playing hard and doing her best to give me a stroke! Sunday I looked in the back yard where she was playing with Abby and alley to find her hanging over the swing by her belly upsidedown flying through the air. This is one day after finishing a weeks worth of chemo and only 5 days after having surgery to place a port in he chest!!!! Yesterday as Shelly, Rourke and I were standing in the drive way waiting to see Riley and Eden heading towards the house I found myself not able to breath when I saw Riley on his bike and Eden standing on the back pegs along for the ride cruising down the road. I am convinced she and Riley get much joy out of seeing how many times they can make Mom's heart stop in one day..............


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