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Friday, April 21, 2006

Eden and Codey St John

Today was a good day.

Eden had challenged Codey St John to an air hockey game and they got to go play today. For those of you who have not heard about Codey, he is six and has neuroblastoma, too. He's doing the same sort of treatment hat Eden did before, so we know what they've been going through. They are kind of like us, though and try to find the fun in it all, so we had a great time together.

Codey proceeded to whomp on Eden during air hockey, but Eden thumped back in a rousing game of Memory, so I think they're pretty evenly matched.

After all of the fun, Eden and Codey both needed lunch and naps. We headed back to Eden's room, but she didn't want to eat. Nothing she tried sounded good. I even tried a turkey wrap from the Food Court, but she wasn't interested. We gave up and I tried to get her to sleep, but she fought me tooth and nail. I took her glasses and hearing aids and turned off the tv. I shut out all of the lights and closed the blinds; still she fought it. Well, Dad found out about it and confined her to her room for the evening (after a visit to the 3rd floor playground).

She had run a low grade fever (less then 100 degress all day), so Dad didn't want her to push it too hard. He felt like it was in her best interest to be a little more sedate, so there she was, stuck in her room. I guess even a princess needs to be "Daddyed" every once in a while!

Thanks for checking on the Princess.


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