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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Club Libby Lu Pics

Not much to add to Lisa's update from earlier, although she did forget to mention that when Eden climbed off of Riley's bike pegs her knee was bleeding! It was a scrape, RILEY had NOTHING to do with the blood. Lisa did grab her heart and start hyper-ventilating, but overall handled it pretty well. A girl should get a ride home on her brother's bike pegs occasionally.

Labs today were ok. No transfusions were needed, which is very good. Eden did not like having her port accessed at all. She was nervous and then terrified. I personally think that she handled a new kind of pokie very well. I think each time will get easier for her. I hope it does, at least. I may need hearing aids after all that yelling!

Enjoy the birthday party at Club Libby Lu pictures. I'll add more later, I have to get some sleep as Eden will be here bright and early in the morning.

Sorry for the delay, but I really have been busy with these kids of ours. They are a full-time job and even more! It's a darn good thing I love them so much.


At 7:25 PM, Anonymous Mallory said...

Oh-my-gosh! she is So Cute!!! No joke!


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