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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Eden "Corn Pop" Adams

Our most sincere thanks to Dr. Jason for the box of Corn Pops! Eden has been desperate for corn pops cereal since she was admitted. Everyone promised to get her some and we all dropped the ball, except for Dr. Jason, our oncology fellow. He went out of his way to get her the corn pops that she "needed". That, folks, is true dedication to treating a "whole patient" not just the disease. Dr. Jason had to hunt Eden down to give her the cereal, as she was busy making salt art. She started to give him a hug, but mean ol Shelly said NO! Eden was covered with chalk from the salt art and Dr. Jason was wearing khakis. I didn't think he'd want little pink handprints to explain all day. Then again, he may have enjoyed telling the story!

Momma Hope's patient/friend, Jackie, has been to visit Eden a few times this week, but we had trouble connecting. Today as Eden, Mommy and I waited to get Eden's picture taken at the Hersey's KissMobile, Jackie happened by, so we got her pictures with Eden and the Kiss.

Eden had a pretty nice day, she played air hockey with Laura, our PCA for the day and then talked her into a game of cards. Thanks for the break, Laura.

Our nurse, Jill, had a darn easy day with Eden. SHe really had very little to do today for Eden. She spent some time looking at Eden's picture with the Kiss and telling her that she was cute, but that was the hardest part of her job (Eden- specific) all day.

Dr. Jason was just doing his job earlier and he got all kinds of grief for it later. Dr Jason came in to do a quick physical exam of Eden. Eden and I were cuddled in bed trying to get a nap in before the big TEA PARTY Slumber party with Aunt CeCe tonight. Eden begab to wiggle, then she started to jiggle and went into full on giggles. He really was just doing his job, now he's being blamed for a grouchy girl. I hope she pepped up when she saw CeCe. They'll have a terrific time tonight!

Oh, to sings the praises of the wonderful volunteers at Children's we had more then one try to come and keep Eden occupied and to let us get a break. The services that they provide to the families on J5 are just amazing. Thank you all for your dedicated work with these children.

Eden was playing quietly on her bed when she heard a knock, She looked around and saw RONALD MCDONALD was waiting to visit her! That was very cool.

Daddy and Eden joined Kids n Kamp for their weekly pizza party. What a neat service for the families that are stuck inside. Thanks, Kids n Kamp!

Daddy took Eden to the 3rd floor playground this evening. Her entourage included Ann Singer and Peggy from the New Abany schools who stopped to play on the playground with Eden.

There is much more, but I an too tired to type anymore. She has so much energy that she is wearing me out! They told us that she wouldn't feel as bad as before. I wasn't expecting her to seem quite so NORMAL.


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