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Monday, April 17, 2006

Ported, Primed and Ready to Go

Miss Diddle and Mrs Zorn having dinner catered by Eden:

So to leave off where Mom stopped, Eden has a change of heart and put on her glasses, hearing aids and sandals to join Riley for a rousing game of air hockey in the playroom. Riley was beating her, so she started complaining that he was cheating. Go figure, some things never change.
The good part was that even with the new port in her chest and with a sore neck, she was using both of her arms and really playing well. She just got beat and she never likes to get beat.

We had a volunteer join us for a while, her name is Ann Singer and not only does she volunteer, she is a medical student. Her goal is to become a pediatric oncologist. Ann has an wonderful talent for drawing with crayons. Make sure to see Ann's portrait of Eden that is taped to Eden's door, if you come to visit. Maybe I'll take a picture of it tomorrow and post it for you all to see. Thanks for visiting, Ann, she really enjoyed you and your awesome talent! Ann is in a photo with Eden, wearing a blue volunteer vest and you can see the mermaid princess picture in process.

While Ann was visiting, Miss Diddle and Mrs. Zorn came to see the Princess. Miss Diddle is Eden's kindergarten teacher (for those of you who don't know) and Mrs. Zorn is Eden's reading teacher. They are also among some of Princess Eden's most loyal subjects. They brought Eden a few gifts, which she had to earn by answering school-type questions. They had a very good time playing with Eden as you might see in tonights photos. Miss Diddle is the redhead and Mrs. Zorn is the brunette.

After all of those visitors, we had the privelege of a visit from Mindy and Ally McCollister along with Momma Hope. Riley, Ally and I went outside to the newly reburbished playground across for the Emergency Room to play. The kids has a great time playing together. I, however, had left my camera in Eden's room so I have no pictures. Hoepfully we can get them all together to play soon and get some good shots. Mindy and Momma Hope hung out with Eden and got her more food, a grilled cheese and french fries. She was just getting ready to start eating, when Riley, Ally and I returned to the room with two grilled cheese sandwishes for Eden. I guess great minds think alike. Eden ate most of two sandwiches, Riley ate the other and Ally just wanted ice cream. Sorry, Mindy, I just can't say no to that beautiful face!

So folks started to trickle out again and Eden began to "meltdown". She had a busy day. She was up at 4:30 AM or so, at the hospital around 6 AM, doing all of the hospitally things and starving in the process, she had surgery, she has visitors, she played air hockey, basketball, kitchen set, grocery shopper and then took a few rides on her favorite John Deere tractor. She deserved to be a little melted, I suppose.

Daddy came in as all the drama began to ramp up. Poor Dad. He had one whining, one crying, one talking and one sitting in her bed, looking around wondering what in the heck just happened: where did everyone go? Who was crying? Mommy is on the couch tonight. Lisa, be sure to ask for some eggcrate foam to combat that couches big lump. I wish Lisa a smooth easy sleep and that Eden sleeps like a princess without a pea under her mattress.

Thanks for checking up on Eden, she's princess with her own accessories now.


At 6:43 PM, Anonymous Jocelyn & Jon Patton said...

We may have to come see the princess this weekend! Glad to here that she's doing well just email her room number! Also Rog now has a kroger card i gave it to him today! Well take care and talk to you soon!


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