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Thursday, April 13, 2006

We HAD a plan, but Eden has a mind of her own!

That is what DR. Nick said to Lisa and I as we ran into him in the hallway today, "We HAD a PLAN!" Well, the plans have changed. We all tried to be good-natured about it, but it was disappointing. We were worried that this might delay Eden's chance of starting chemo on Monday, but we'll have to wait and see.

Eden decided to get a fever, which has delayed her surgery from Friday to (hopefully) Monday.

Nurse Mary called me from school today to tell me that Eden had a fever of 100.9 and needed to be picked up right away. So I headed to school to see what was up with our princess. While on the way to school I called our good friends at J5 to see what I should do with Miss Eden. Micah consulted with Robin, who said to bring her to Children's to be checked out.

When I arrived at school she was lying on the cot in the nurses office. She was wearing her adorable brand new pink, white and silver sequined outfit; a heavy green sweater and lying under TWO blankets. She looked miserable and was shivering. She asked for a drink, but no one had anything that sounded good to her. We loaded up and headed for the door.

Today was school picture day and they somehow managed to get her picture taken, even through all of the shivering and fever. Nurse Mary said that they took her to the area where they were taking pictures, waited for her turn and pulled off the blankets and sweater, she smiled beautifully, they covered her back up and whiisked her back to the office to call me. That is true understanding as far as I am concerned. We didn't get her fall pictures, as she forgot to turn in the paperwork. We wanted these quite badly as do so appreciate the efoort that was made to take care or Eden, as well as get the kindergarten pictures done. What a wonderful and devoted staff in the New Albany K-1 Building. We are blessed to have you all standing beside us on this journey.

Momma Hope saved my tushy today! Rodger and Riley needed to be picked up at school today at 3 PM. Rodger needed his shirt for work at 3:30 PM and Riley had therapy at 3:40 PM in Westerville. Momma Hope stepped right in and covered everything for me, so that I could get Eden where she needed to be without leaving the other children in a lurch. Rodger walked the few blocks to work and Momma Hope tokk Riley to therapy, where Dad met them after work.

Lisa (Mommy) met Eden and I at J5. We got Eden through an un-numbed pokie, two x-rays, another urine collection, blood draws, blood pressures, numerous temperature checks and frankly, I don't remember what else.

Justin Yopp (he's a doctor, but Eden refuses to believe that) one of her most treasured friends, stopped in to visit with Eden. They had some fun and socialized for a while. She tried to get him to magic tricks, she pulled a joke or two on him and mostly was very pleased to see him ad to flirt with him like crazy.

Micah and Robin and all of the nurses did everything that they could to help Eden feel better and to try to keep her on the surgery schedule. At one point, she spiked a fever off of the temp-a-dot and that put her over the top for surgery on Friday. The fever came right down with ibuprofen, but spiked back up at the drug wore off. To be safe Dr. Nick ordered Rosefin (sp?), a broad spectrum antibiotic and that went right into Eden's iv line.

We hung out until around four when Robin told us to get out. There was nothing more to be done by hanging out there. Mommy kissed Miss Eden and headed for home to see if she could find the bottom of the laundry hamper. I attempted to do the same, but was clearly reminded that I owed Eden a shopping trip.

We headed to Made 2B Friends at Easton. I needed to pay up on the deal that I cut her last week during a couple of bad pokie experiences. One deal was for Build-A-Bear outfits for her horse and bear. The second deal was for a doll from Made 2B Friends and an outfit for that doll.

Well, Daddy gave us a spending limit and we only exceeded it by the price of the charm bracelet set and the beauty shop accessories. I believe that was a successful trip, as I wanted the dolls and accessories as much as Eden did! I LOVE that store, I could have spent a lot more. I guess I'm a softer touch then I used to be. We had a very good time, but Eden's fever hit again before I could get her to the car. Picture this: me carrying Eden, my purse, the Doll and her stuff in a cool carrying box, talking to Micah at J5 while manuevering through foot traffic at the Easton Towne Center. Not pretty and not fun for Eden or for me.

Micah said that Eden's tests all came back ok, so to give her Tylenol (which I happened to have in my purse, only God knows why) and get her to rest, drink and eat. Um, I got the drinking and eating part handled, but the rest was much harder. When the fever drops she is impossible to keep down. She's a strong young lady.

So the plan NOW is for Eden to arrive at Admitting at 6 AM (yeah for Lisa's new job position!) for a direct admit to J5. After settling in there, they hope to get her into surgery to have her port placed and then start chemo soon after she recovers from surgery and they get her hydration recovered. I guess we will just see what the weekend brings!

Please keep praying and remember if anyone wants to know what to do to help: Build-A-Bear, Made 2B Friends and Club Libby Lu gift certificates are VERY welcome. She is easy to persuade to suffer through the not fun stuff with such wonderful incentives. I promise to buy my own Made 2B Friends with my own money, never fear!

Remember that there are contact links for Mom and Dad on Eden's website, if you'd like to contact them directly. Email will probably work best for both parents right now as they are gearing up for another wild ride on the Cancer Rollercoaster.


At 10:49 PM, Anonymous Mary Hollway said...


Thanks for the update. you all had a busy day!

We are praying for Eden in Minnesota. She is just so cute. I love the two picture with your two dogs!

Stay strong little princess!!

Love ,
The Hollways

Mary,. Bill, Billy, Mike and Molly!

At 12:28 AM, Blogger Ronit said...

Hope this one makes it through... Hey princess, sorry you had such a hard day, you are a true trooper! Know that we love you and are thinking of you all!


At 9:55 AM, Anonymous Jocelyn & Jon Patton said...

I hope that she feels better soon! Let us know if you need anything you know my cell number! Take Care and talk to you soon! So let's see a picture of Eden and here Doll and outfits once she feels better of course!

Jocelyn and Jon


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