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Thursday, May 25, 2006

The wait is over (for now)

Results are back and we are pleased with the progress we are seeing. There was a good amount of reduction to the cancer from the Chemo!!! WOOOHOOOO. We received results back from the CT on Monday and the results from the MiBG today. There were a few tense moments yesterday as I watched on the screen the image of her body start to appear and no surprise I could still see the spot on her shoulder and couldn’t see anything in the groin area because her bladder was full so the whole area was lit up but I knew what was causing that. The scary part came when I saw her left hand light up…..WHAT IS THAT??????? Well after the first scan and then the 3D scan they had one of the techs wipe her hand off with an alcohol wipe and did one more scan and to our delight it was no longer lighting up. SHEWWWW! Let me explain. The MiBG is the best tool we have in searching for Neuroblastoma in her little body because the Dye injected in her 24 hours prior to the scan is created to look for Cells and attach to them and light up on the scan. There are some parts of the body that will always light because the are very prone to uptake by the dye (some of the organs and urine will always show up) and as I said her bladder was full of urine so it was lighting up like a flashlight in there and apparently she didn’t get her hands very clean while going potty and that is what caused her left hand to light up. I hope the beginning of this story didn’t scare anyone but I wanted to explain a little about how something so small can cause major chest pains for us. Eden’s Bone Marrow is showing Negative for any cells as where last time they saw 5% on one side. They did say that there were very few cells period because of her low counts. But we will assume that either it is gone from her bone marrow or has stayed the same.

All of her scans were fedexed to Philly today and we have made Philly aware that it’s on its way. You may see a gap in updates related to next steps as Dr. Yeager is on Paternity leave and we are not sure how communicates will happen with Philly. Obviously this is very frustrating for us but have no fear that we are on top of it and would never let Eden’s care suffer for any reason.


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