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Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Wilds of Columbus

What a great day for Eden. She was able to attend her kindergarten class trip to the Columbus Zoo. She was originally scheduled to be doing chemo treatments this week, but her low counts knocked her out of starting the chemo. It wasn't good that her body hasn't recovered yet from the effects of chemo, but it was great that she got to go on the bus to the zoo with her class.

I went along in case of emergency and Momma Hope just came along to enjoy the trip with Eden. We both had a very enjoyable time and even got left behind by the group (with two chaperones and a teacher) in the aviary. The birds sang quite beautifully once all of the kids left the area.

The female eagle was acting like she didn't want us looking at her nest (though we don't know if she had eggs or eglets in it); the male eagle didn't even bother to look our way. The baby elephant was outside hanging with it's mom. The rhino stuck it's tongue out at the kids. The gorilla, Max, slapped the glass and scared our group including Miss Diddle. The flamingos were impressive in their coloring and verbal displays. The otter was silly. The manatees were sleeping (they looked like big rocks). The penquins were outside, but didn't do much. The grizzy bear looked like he was sitting in a whirlpool the way he plopped into his "little river". The bonobos were hilarious, as always. Eden got to see an baby bonobo eat from it's mother's breast.

All in all a great day at the zoo. A special thanks to Tori's mom and to Emma's mom for being the "official" chaperones of our group and counting to eight (the number of children in the group) more times then I kept track of. They did an excellent job of seeing the animals, keeping the kids rounded up and making it an enjoyable trip.


At 7:56 PM, Anonymous jocelyn & jon patton said...

looks like she had a blast! Glad to hear that you had fun we will have to go together some time

At 9:55 PM, Anonymous Mindy said...

It's the moments like these that are so special. I'm really glad Eden was able to go.


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