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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A good Day!

Eden had labs yesterday and her counts are starting to move in the right direction. White count was up to 5.9…. (No more shots) and her Platelets were up to 28 which is still very low but they are falling anymore. She was given a platelet transfusion because she just can’t help being a wild child and the hope is she won’t need another one.. The current plan is she will start Chemo on Monday the 15th on an outpatient basis. Which basic means she will go in every morning and her urine will be checked to confirm it is diluted enough. They have a % guideline that they follow to protect her kidneys and liver. Once she is all set they will start one chemo which will run for half an hour along with a handful of protective meds and then they will start the second one after another hand full of protective meds. All in all I am predicting 4 or 5 hours if all goes well. Once chemo is done she will need to be on IV fluids for at least 8 hours but we will be able to do this at home using a pump. The hydration is extremely important to flush the chemo through her body so it does not have a chance to sit in her kidneys and cause damage. Eden will return to clinic on Friday to make sure her platelets will be at least 75 by Monday. The upside to her chemo being delayed is that she will now be able to join her class on the fieldtrip to the Zoo on Thursday. I can’t tell you how happy we are she will get to attend!! Today is a good Day!!!


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