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Monday, May 15, 2006

Round 2

Eden started her day at 6 :15 AM, preparing for the first day of her second round of chemo. She had to drinks lots of fluids to get her bladder and kidneys ready for the harsh chemo meds.

The day was rough, but it had nothing to do with the chemo. Eden and I had to return to our house twice before we could even leave for the clinic. The first return was for my phone, the second return to put numbing cream over her port.

Eden and I both had major cases of "dropsy" today. We dropped books, crayons, sweaters, more books, hot chocolate and white chocolate mocha on our shirts, she peed on my hand while we were getting a urine specimen; the day just continued in the same manner. It was rough but like I said, not chemo related.

Her day at clinic went off without a hitch, medically. She got all of her stuff done and we left the hospital at 4:30. Our start to the clinic visist was 8, so it really was a long day. She remained good-natured through it all and even gave David a cup of oranges for doing a good job with his pokey.

Mommy stopped in at 12:30ish to sneak a kiss and to bring Riley's bookbag to me. She didn't have a great start to her day, either.

Eden emptied the snack bag before lunch, so I'll have to pack a little heavier for tomorrow. We hope to only be there for four hours or less, so maybe I won't need a wagon to haul in her food.

Our good friends, the Reynolds family had another "slap in the face" kind of day. Little Shawn has progressed on the most recent chemo that they tried, so he will start radiation at The James at OSU soon, hopefully on Wednesday. The family is really taking this hard and rightly so; please pray for Shawn and his parents, Tracey and Pete. They need so much support right now, there is a great cance that radiation will cause brain damage, but it is their only option at this point. I wish I could do more then by coincidence happen to be near them when they get bad news. All I can do is hold them and cry with them. I feel so helpless. I felt just as helpless when Eden asked me why I was hugging Shawn's daddy and why he was crying. How does one have the cancer progression discussion with a six year old who is currently fighting cancer? I don;t want to scare her and give her more nightmares.

Speaking of nightmares, Eden has been dreaming that someone breaks into our house and stabs me and I die. What a revelation! Thank goodness for our friend, Justin, who is working on his plan of attack to help Eden get more comfortable in the world. Whew, I do not envy him his job. Thank goodness for the mental health professionals!

Cancer Sucks!


At 11:05 AM, Blogger Ronit said...

it sure does...(suck I mean)

I hope you had a shorter day today, and that Eden is still feeling well. I am thinking of all of you, hoping for easier days ahead...


At 10:42 PM, Anonymous Mindy said...

If it helps at all... try telling Shawn's family that we went through 31 radiation doses (can't think of the right word) between brain and spine with an extra dose to the front left lobe which is where Ian's tumor was. The list of "could happen" side effects is enough to knock you to the ground and kick you around. Once I realized that they are only the "could" and not the "will" happens, it was a little easier to swallow and deal with. Ian, as you know, was a pretty smart little dude for the next three years after radiation. I wish them the best and please feel free to give them my name, number, e-mail, whatever. I'd be more than happy to be a sounding board... I've been there. Charlote is a doll, I hope she is still at OSU. She was our nurse.
~ Mindy and Ally


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