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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

And now home again

Eden was released tonight. She is truly feeling so much better! Now we just need her Counts to catch up. She needed another platelet transfusion today and her ANC is still a big fat 0.
(7 to 10 days, 7 to 10 days, 7 to 10 days) .

Thank you all once again for all the wonderful E-cards. Eden gets such a kick out of them and many of you are starting to learn how to add personal pictures. I must say we are so proud that Mrs. Zorn has now mastered this task. We knew you could do it Mrs. Zorn! Believe me when I say that Eden loves loves each and every card! Thank you Robin for the jokes. She loved telling them to all the nurses last week. One of the ladies that works at children's is always just so sweet to Eden (I believe she met Eden through Mamu Hope) anyway whenever she knows Eden is in the Hospital she always buys her something special.. Today it was a big rubber Rat and Spider so she could scare her brother.. It was so funny when she hid it under her nightgown today and when her nurse walked in, Eden started holding her belly saying it hurt and felt like something was moving around in there only to pull the Rat out.. She and I though it was very funny.. The nurse? Not so much...... Actually they are all very good sports about everything! They have to be to do the job they do day in and day out.

We had a very special surprise Visit today while still at the hospital. Codey came by with his crew after they hit the clinic and it was SOOO nice to see them.. Codey was so funny racing up and down the halls of J5 on one of the riding toys. He had a bit of a cough so he didn't go into Edens room but stood at the door and said hi. It was so nice to see how well he is feeling. He will be leaving on Sunday to head back to NY for 3F8's. GO Codey!!!!

As soon as we see Edens ANC start to rise i so want to get her back to school. She misses everyone so much.

Thanks for checking in!



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