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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Rough Patch

Eden is of course still in the Hospital and according to Dr. Ben, Monday would be the earliest she would be released. As of last night she is still fighting the fever which has been hovering anywhere between 100 and 103. They have a cooling blanket on her bed to try and control the fever so she doesn't get to uncomfortable. It is basically a large machine beside her bed attached to a blanket of sorts that she lays on and pumps out cooler air based on the temp they set the machine to. They have more less pin pointed the infection and are now using more specific drugs to kill it. She still has the very nasty yeast infection from the antibiotics which is causing her the most pain but they are giving her oral Morphine to help with the pain.

I had a conversation with Dr. Nick yesterday and the Report from her MiBG is finally in and confirms for the most part what we already knew. The spot on her shoulder is completely gone and there is nothing on her hip (bone scan indicated there may be a new spot) and the spots in her abdomen is much improved. THANK YOU so much to all of you who have been praying for her! It truly does make a difference. I need to ask for one more prayer that Eden's counts start to recover so she wont need a Stem Cell Rescue. We have been granted an extra week to try and improve them however there is little we can physically do other then continue to give her the shots.

Sweet Christi's funeral is this morning at 10 am and it was my intention to go bid farewell to the warrior princess however with Eden in the hospital and Riley to care for i am afraid it will not be possible. It is not natural for a child to be buried ever and i am sure Shane and Angela must be living in a never ending hell that few people can understand and i wish i could be there to show my support. I am sure the line of supporters have been endless over the last few days and she will have the send off of royalty but it is my wish she could still be here living the life of a normal child that she was so unfairly cheated out of. Christi's pain is gone but her family will probably live with it the rest of their lives. Goodbye sweet Christi Thomas, your smile will forever be embedded into my heart!


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