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Monday, September 25, 2006

Still hanging out on J5

We are still here! Things got a little worse over the weekend with her infection but she is on the mend now, thanks in part to all the wonderful cards she received. 35 and counting and she makes everyone who comes in read them to her..... All the nurses make such a big fuss about how many people love Princess Eden. It one of the only things i have seen make her smile over the weekend. Thank you all so much!

We will probably be here for a few more days as her fevers are much better but still not normal and her blood cultures are still growing bacteria. We continue to pray that the antibiotics kick in soon and wipe this infection out so her white count can start to recover. We are running out of time.

Miss. Diddle and Mrs. Zorn made a surprise visit yesterday that just made Eden's day, it was the only time she sat up all day. They painted and played a few games of Guess Who and fun was had by all. I am sure Miss Diddle with post some pictures sometime today.

Thank you for all the wonderful support!



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