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Friday, October 06, 2006


Eden has been feeling pretty good. Better every day. This morning was Clinic and for the first time in weeks and weeks she needed no platelets. (Of course she just got them on Wed) But still we are more than happy to walk out of there with everything we walked in with and nothing more. Minus a few drops of blood of course.

Eden has not been her sweet adorable self for some time now and over the last few days I am seeing glimpse of it more and more often but I am sure it will take time. I don’t blame her one bit for being grumpy but I sure miss my little sweetie. I think poor Riley is taking the brunt of it though as he cannot even look at her without getting his head chewed off. lol At 4:30 this morning while laying in bed Eden told me she couldn’t sleep because she was afraid something was going to catch on fire and she proceeded to ask me if I turned off the stove from the noodles I cooked for dinner and if I blew out all of the candles before coming to bed. After assuring her there were no open flames in the house she finally fell back asleep. I wonder if these are worries she has about treatment or cancer that is manifesting themselves in this way??? Hows that for phycoligy 101?

We are looking forward to a restfull weekend of hanging around the house and doing a lot of nothing. Hope your weekend will be just as enjoyable.



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