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Monday, January 08, 2007

Philadelphia ABT-751 Cycle 5 Day 2

Eden and I made it to the hospital today and she did her normal clinic routine and then went off for the bone marrow asperations around 11:00. She ran into Megan one of her favorite RN's her @ CHOP. They ran off and had a nice visit while doing stuff to get ready for the bone marrow. Little Miss Independance doesn't need Dad for all that much.... But, she's teaching me the ropes. After she awoke from the Bone Marrow she was a bit upset, she found out that the access points were in the front of her hips not the rear like normal.... let me tell you she was bent. Later in the afternoon she said that it was ok and really might be a bit better than in the rear. It didn't hurt as much. This afternoon was quite time for her and I both. She wasn't up to much running so we stayed in our room until time for dinner and now she is doing crafts in the living room with a group of kids. Tomorrow is Clinic, Ecko, and MIBG Injection. I'll up load puicture when we make it home! Off to watch a bit of the Ohio State Game and call it a night!


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