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Monday, February 12, 2007

Busy Weekend

We had a busy wonderful weekend. Friday night started with a trip to the Nationwide Arena for the Blue Jackets Hockey Event. It was a carnival thrown by the players and their wives to raise money for the Blue Jackets foundation. One of the foundations main charities is children's Cancer and Columbus children's hospital. So we went to show our support and meet some of the players and it was tons of fun. Eden got her face painted like a princess and Riley got his caricature done with one of the players. I have a few pictures of the kids with Nash and Federov and we are trying to figure out how to get them online. Sat I had to go into work for a few hours so the kids hung out with Andy. Eden did his hair and put glitter all in it and painted his nails.. (what a good sport) and then the three of them put together a new dresser I bought. Well actually Andy put it together with help from Riley and Eden played with the box it came in. She and Riley took the box and made a robot costume that they could both wear. It was too cute. Eden went over for a sleep over with CeCe sat night and they had a wonderful tea party and Eden lost one of her bottom teeth so of course she had a visit from the tooth Fairy. $4.00 richer Sunday morning.

Sunday we got up early and went to breakfast and then headed to the skating rink for a birthday party. HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY MYKAILA!! The kids had a blast. I have a few pictures of Eden and Mykaila skating together and will try to get a few more up of Riley. After the party Eden wanted to go over to Mykaila's and play so Me, Rod and Andy took Riley bowling. I was very impressed because he actually hit 100 on his second game.

As you can see from our busy weekend Eden is feeling great and not having any problems at this time. I just spoke with Rourke and they are all done at clinic for the morning and her ANSI is 2090. Which we are completely fine with. She will be off all Chemo this week and start over next Monday.

Tonight we are going to children hospital for a dedication ceremony for a new Parents Resouce Center that was donated by the Columbus Blue Jackets. We will try to get some pictures up.

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