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Monday, April 09, 2007

Wonderful Easter

Eden is officially bald again! By Thursday evening she has pulled out most of the hair on the top and front of her head but the rest wasn't ready just yet so she asked Andy to shave it so she wouldn't look like a little old man. lol She is completely fine with and had no hesitation about going out in public bald again. Friday night we headed to Dave and Busters with CeCe to celebrate Riley's birthday once again and as always had a blast playing games and eating. Eden was trying to get this stuffed rabbit out of the claw game and almost had it and lost it.. about 10 minutes later a man found us playing air hockey and handed Eden the stuffed rabbit. He was standing behind her and saw her trying to get it. His kindness almost made me cry. An hour later another man walked up and handed her a $10 game card for no reason. Its amazing the world we get to see having a sick child and i wish that more people were able to see such kindness without the tragedy that goes with it. Just as we were about to leave, Eden was getting her picture taken in one of those booths and she fell backwards off of the stool and onto the floor. She was complaining about her belly hurting pretty bad and because her platelets that day had been 23 i felt a trip to the ER was necessary. I know it wouldn't take much for internal bleeding with platelets that low. We dropped Riley off at home and me, Eden and CeCe headed for Children's. They did an ultra sound and X-rays. It was a very long night but worth it for peace of mind knowing she was OK.

She spent most of Sat evening over at Uncle Bill and Aunt Pam's playing with Mick and coloring Easter eggs and drawing pictures. When she came home she and i made a bunny cake for Sunday Dinner with my family and we had a blast. The Bunny was covered with shredded coconut and she was eating as much as she was putting on the cake..

We got up Sunday and went to Church for a wonderful Easter service and then headed to CeCe's for breakfast and to find Easter Baskets. The kids loved finding them and all the good candy that went with it. they also each got 2 blue jackets Bobble heads. Papa Jim had also dropped of Easter baskets for them and Riley's had a race track in it and he played with that for hours with everyone he could rope in. Our very dear friend Debbie (who has been working non stop on projects for Eden) sent both kids little Easter baskets that the got on Friday. they both get such a kick out of getting mail.

My Brother is going to send me the pics he took of the kids hunting Easter eggs yesterday and i will get them up..

Daddy took Eden to clinic this morning and her counts are still a little shy of being able to start her next round of chemo so she is there now with Mama Hope getting blood and we are keeping our fingers crossed that she can start tomorrow. I will keep you updated as I know more.


At 3:43 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

I am so glad to hear you all had a nice Easter! Eden, I ca't wait to see the pictures of you in your dress! I bet the egg hunt was a lot of fun too! And the Easter bunny paid you guys a visit, how fantastic!

Riley, I am so glad to hear you've been able to celebrate your birthday so much-- you deserve it! I always love spreading out my birthday celebrations!

I hope you're all having a great week!

Much love,

At 7:12 PM, Blogger Cindy & Rich said...

Happy to hear your Easter holiday was packed with fun (and candy).

Pencil Rich & I in for a dinner and movie in May! SHREK 3 comes out and we would love to take the kids again.

Praying without ceasing.
Rich & Cindy


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