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Saturday, April 29, 2006

FREEDOM! (Hear George Michael singing?)

Our sweet, little princess got the green light to hit the road today. We're very relieved as she was beginning to get very bored. BORED is very bad with Eden. She likes to "find" things to do. She got so bored last night that she took out her boredom on our super-volunteer friend, Dave. Poor guy...
Yesterday, Daddy came to the hospital right from work. I hit the door running and grabbed Riley and a couple of pizzas and headed back to Children's for dinner and a movie. Rodger drove down for some family time and we all watched Shark Tales together. Daddy headed home for bed and Rodger headed out to do "eighteen year old" things (I do not want to know).
Mommy rolled in around nine and Riley and I should have headed out but Volunteer Dave stopped in to say Hi and Eden hijacked him. She literally held him hostage in the recliner in her room until midnight.
We all had an abosulte blast. We ate junk, laughed, played, acted just plain silly and Mommy discovered that she really could get used to being the Queen of Egypt being carried on a litter. Riley turned himself into a mummy and Eden just kept on taping Dave to the chair.
When we finally figured out how late it was, Riley and I said out goodbyes and headed out. Dave rode down in the elevator with us and he looked like he could have slept standing up. What a great guy to come in and help families in any way that they need.
Riley commented on the way home that he never knew being at the hospital could be so much fun.
We slept late (9 AM) and headed right back down. Aunt CeCe and Riley headed to her house work on getting the pool ready to open up soon.
Eden spent three days in CHildren's with mysterious pains in her ear and neck and fever. GUESS WHAT? She had a sinus infection. That's what her mom told them on Wednesday when she called the clinic. Antibiotics, regular meds and a shot everyday to boost her white blood cell count. WE COULD HAVE DONE ALL OF THAT AT HOME ANYWAY! I do not understand why parents' views of their child's health is undervalued. WHo knows them better then we do? A resident that has never seen them or a parent that is with them everyday? Ok, I'm climbing down off of my soapbox now. Sorry, but I needed to get that off of my chest.
Her counts were very low on Tuesday, on Thursday the counts were dangerously low. She got her transfusions and some of her counts came up, but the platelets dropped back down into the 40's again. We MUST very very careful with the princess, she will bruise easily. She could also get even sicker then the sinus infection if she is exposed to someone who is ill. Please visist responsibly.


At 2:44 PM, Blogger barbschellenberg said...

SO glad to hear that Eden is back home again :) Wonderful news! Hugs form Barb in Canada!

At 8:08 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Yay for Eden! Great news that she is back home again...with Riley...doing everything they can to give mom a heart attack! :-)



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