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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Smoothing the bumps in the road

After Mommy and Riley headed out to check on Andy, get Mom's "spend-the-night-at-the-hospital" stuff, potty the dogs and spend a little time together, Eden's nurse, Angie, came in with a bag of platelets to infuse into Eden. Eden was drifting off into a good sleep and very comfy with me cuddled up on her bed. She started to clench her fists really hard (still sleeping), so I called for a nurse. I was worried about an adverse reaction to the platelets. Angie was there within a minute! She stopped the infusion and we asked Eden questions about why she was clenching her hands in that manner. She said that she couldn't feel her hands unless she dug her fingernails into the palms. Angie called for a doctor to come and see Eden, he was there in a New York minute. He decided to switch Eden to a new bag of platelets and have the first bag tested for problems. A new bag of platelets was ordered and we cuddled while we waited.

The platelets had to be ordered from Red Cross, so Angie started Eden's red blood cell transfusion. The red blood was ordered to go into Eden over four hours. Just after Angie attached the red blood cells to Eden she found out that Eden's platelets had just arrived at Children's. Oh well, c'est la vie! Red blood first, then platelets later. She'll be topped off like a new car in no time!

Eden was very tired all day. When your red blood cells are really low, you have no energy. She was on the bed the whole time I was there (except for potty trips). As the red blood cells were infused into her, I watched her begin to perk up. How amazing to watch her come back to her energetic little self again. We played Old Maid (not much fun with just two people) and then woke Daddy from his nap to play it with us, too.

She has discovered that she likes Subway kid's meals. She didn't want the hospital food, so Daddy picked up the food along with a hot chocolate for his princess on his way to visit her this afternoon. A kid's meal: turkey with cheese and NOTHING else on it, a cookie, a juice box and a toy. What more could a girl want? She ate all of the sandwich, part of a cookie and drank most of the juice. Not bad for a chick with a temperature of 103 degrees.

The fever was up and then up some more all day. She was up to 104.6 around 4 this afternoon, but the last I heard it had come down to about 100 or so. She is being giving Ceftaz and Clindamyacin antibiotics for any possible bacterial infection.

I left with Riley around 8 PM, Eden was still getting her red blood cells and Mommy was settling in for the night. Hopefully they will get some good rest tonight, I know I will. Aunt CeCe is covering the early morning, I will be in by 9 AM, Daddy will be in around 4 and Mommy will come down to spend the night again tomorrow. At least we are beginning to get a flow back in our logistics, it's been a rough ride the last few weeks.

Please keep praying for Eden and for all of her support team. You are all appreciated and loved more then you'll ever know!


At 11:25 PM, Blogger barbschellenberg said...

Sending BIG hugs from Canada, Eden! I have a type of blood cancer where my bone marrow produces too many red blood cells. I kind of understand how you are feeling. I hope you start feeling better soon :)

At 8:51 PM, Blogger Candy said...

I heard about Eden thru amazing Christi's blog so I thought I would hop on over to Eden's site to say hello. I will keep her in my prayers and check back in again soon.


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