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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Precious Cargo, safely delivered by Captain Jack

They're back in Ohio, safe and sound that to the fabulous Jack Fink, Rourke's uncle. Thanks so much, Jack for taking care of our precious babies and delivering them home safe and sound.

Jack flew Eden, Dad and Mom to Philly this morning, hung out and then made the return flight with two additional passengers: Christi and Angela Thomas. The boys and I met them at the airport and it was awfully cute to see those girls running and playing, even though poor Christi looked completely worn out. Eden has a tendancey to have that effect on people.

The meeting went well, although I am not going to speak to any details right now. Lisa and I are going to put something together in the next few days, but we need to confer before doing so. I am so overwhelmed with this garage sale stuff that I just cannot get anything else done. As I have said before any volunteers would be truly appreciated. We need help on Thursday to set up and price and volunteers to help man the sale would be appreciated, too.

Eden has labs scheduled tomorrow morning, she'll probably need more platelets. Her white blood cell count was so low on Tuesday that we have to continue to give her Neupogen injections every day. I wish these platelets would trend up already! At least then we would know that her body is recovering a little.

Okay, I'm done. I'm exhausted and I have to start again, too soon. Um, a green apple martini would be so very welcome right now.


At 4:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cute picture i love Christi's Shirt!

At 6:10 PM, Blogger thonmom06 said...

Dear God, thank you for earthly angels that share their wings.

Hello Miss Eden! Happy Thursday! As I told Christi, God only made a few perfect heads, the rest he covered with hair. Maybe you have already heard that one!

Glad you all made back safe and sound...and you girls have the most beautiful smiles. Thank you for sharing them.

Have a good night and be assure of our prayers. Wish I lived closer to help you with the garage sale.

love, sylvia xoxo

At 5:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there Princess Eden and Family!!!
It's your insomniac night shift nurse, Autumn....i woke up about 2hrs ago, 0230, and thought of you guys...
I was just wondering how your trip to Philly went and how Eden was doing, so i hopped onto THE website for Eden info!!
Princess, you look amazing! I hope you are feeling well. Lisa,Roaurke,Shelly...the blog is an awesome idea. I will keep looking for updates.
You all take care...hopefully, i will be one person you won't see for a while!! But, i will be thinking of you all...

Lotsa thoughts and prayers...Autumn (autumn_cross@hotmail.com)


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