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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

TWISTED? Nah, just making a scary thing fun!

Tonight my husband accused Eden, Riley, Rodger and I of being twisted. It seems that he didn't understand the fun involved in helping Eden rid herself of of bunch of dead hair.

The hair has been falling out for days. Today, the hair loss started to become a problem for Eden. The hair was in her mouth, eyes, itching her skin, fell into her food at dinner and many other complaints that I can't even remember. This evening she asked if she could just go ahead and pull it all out and get it over with. Her dad told her to go for it. GO FOR IT SHE DID; she even invited Riley and Rodger to join her in the festivities. How many siblings ever get the chance to REALLY pull out their little sisters' hair and not get in trouble?

I think it helped all three of them to get a better understanding of the fact that her hair roots were dead, that it did not hurt and even though it may be a little strange, a family can have fun doing anything. The boys were having fun and so was Eden. She had everyone's undivided attention: always a bonus for our Princess. It wasn't as scary for any of them as it might have been if Eden hadn't made it tonight's entertainment.

I must admit that I really did miss her little bald head. She has a perfectly shaped head. There are no lumps, bumps or craters on that little noggin. I believe that you will all agree that her eyes just overwhelm you with their beauty. Not everyone can pull off bald quite so beautifully.

Da Bald Baby is back! She found quite a few reasons to be happy to be bald again. Some are below:
  • More playtime in the bathtub
  • No more tangles to fight in the morning
  • No hair conditioner in her eyes
  • Her head dries fast after a bath
  • No more looking for a hair doo-dad to match her outfit
  • She can have tattoos on her head now

She has a big day tomorrow and she is excited. Stayed tuned for more pictures tomorrow.

Oh how I love kissing that little bald head!


At 8:16 AM, Anonymous Kaitlyn said...


Dear Eden,

My mum is going to type now -

You are very pretty, and I like your teddy and horse in your picture with you.

Love from Kaitlyn in Australia


At 7:51 PM, Anonymous Jocelyn & Jon Patton said...

beautiful! jon now matchs you!


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