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Monday, September 11, 2006

Rough Day

Eden felt kinda cruddy all day and so at 2 we headed to clinic for labs. We get there and the place is empty so I thought we would get done fast.. Boy was I wrong. First it took them 45 min just to get her in for height and weight and another 20 to draw labs. Turns out She wasn't on the schedule...Ugh. So finally labs are drawn and I find out there isn't a Dr. To see her. So I insist they find someone as Eden is not feeling well and needs to be seen. So we wait and wait and wait a little more and finally we are told that Dr. Riamon can see her. Very sweet older Dr but brings back very difficult memories for me as he is the one who walked us to that little room some two years ago and shattered our world with Cancer! I know its a little like shooting the messenger but what can say. Anyway, he is an excellent Dr and started looking over Eden very close and said the little purple dots on her skin indicated her platelets were probably very low. I was a bit surprised.. Not as surprised as I was when they turned out to be only 4!!! So, platelets were ordered and he was concerned about something he was hearing in her chest so he sent us for a chest Xray and he felt she needed antibiotics so they did a large dose by IV and sent her home on some as well. Her ANC was down to 100 so she also now needs to start shots.. Shewww that was a lot to deal with in one visit. But we have our plan and we are on top of it so all will be fine. Dr. Nick stopped by to take a quick look at her while we were waiting for Platelets and said that more then likely her cold she has picked up was stalling her bone marrow and once she is over it things should start to improve. he looked at her xray and said things looked ok. Daddy showed up with Riley and so Riley and I headed home and Daddy and Eden stayed for platelets. Things started out a little rougher then I like but all in all we have a wonderful medical team supporting us and together we have things under control.

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At 10:28 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Geesh! I hope Eden is feeling better soon!!

(I haven't even ridden the SkyHawk yet...)


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