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Friday, September 08, 2006

Thursday Clinic

We went to Clinic yesterday and held our breath while waiting for counts to come back. We were told by Dr. Mosse on Tuesday that unless Eden's Platelets are at 10 or below we will not be transfusing. That is Very Very low. Normally they transfuse anything around 20 and Normal would be 150. (that is all in thousands) I was so afraid they would come in at 12 and we would spend the next 3 days in panic mode every time she moved. They came in at 22 which still isn't good but could be worse. Her Hemoglobin was down to 7.4 so she has to go back today for a Red Blood transfusion and her white count dropped a little but not much. We started counting bruises last night and gave up at 26. When she is being rotten and I threaten to beat her she reminds me that her platelets are low and that would not be a good idea as she stands there with her little hip cocked to the side and her hands on her hips. What a little brat! I have no idea who made her that way....LOL Other then watching her counts she is feeling great and loving life. BTW: Miss. Diddle, Mrs. Russell and Mrs. Zorn, Eden was very upset with me when she woke up this morning to find she couldn't come to school today. She said she misses you all!

Oh No... Have to run, I see Eden out the Window getting on her bike.....YIKES!

Have a great weekend.


At 9:12 AM, Blogger Miss Diddle said...

We miss you too Princess!!

See you soon,
Miss Diddle, Mrs. Russell, &
Mrs. Zorn


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