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Monday, October 09, 2006

Days and Nights

As you can see by the time, sleep is not coming tonight. Eden has been fine. Friday at clinic went well, no platelets for the first time in months. i am sure it was just a fluke and she will need them Monday. They really don't expect to see much improvement in her counts for...........Wait for it................7 to 10 days! LOL And i am sure her platelets will take longer then that as they have always been slow to bounce back, but that is fine as long as they DO bounce back. The longer we wait for counts the longer she is off treatment which makes me very nervous. I lay in bed sometimes at night and my "evil" imagination pictures little cancer cells in there doing pushups and blowing whistles gathering the troops. Which could explain why i am up at 1:20 in the morning updating her blog.

Eden is feeling well enough now that she is getting stir crazy being stuck in the house and i would love to be able to let her go to school on Tuesday but unless we see a huge jump in her ANC, i just cant bring myself to send her.



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